Antenatal Classes

Course Duration‚Äč

5 weeks

Note that no additional attention will be given on subjects that you might have missed due to not attending the other classes. Should you be unsure on the content of discussions, please feel free to contact us.


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As exciting as it is, pregnancy is a journey that can sometimes be difficult emotionally and physically.

As a mother of two beautiful children myself, I highly recommend the Antenatal Course to prepare yourself for the exciting Journey ahead.

The course is inclusive of specialised content and information presented that will assist in laying some of those worries to rest.

Knowing what to expect and when to expect them while assisting in interpreting the signs of various stages of pregnancy more intuitively.

The following topics are dealt with in the Belly-Up Antenatal Course:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Bag for labour
  3. Medication for pain relief
  4. Birth Plan
  5. Guidelines for dad
  6. Becoming a parent
  7. Postnatal depression

The Belly-Up course consist out of five classes:

  1. Baby Care
  2. Infant feeding
  3. Birthing options
    1. Labour
      1. Signs of labour
      2. Stages of labour (First stage and second stage)
    2. Caesarian birth
    3. Interventions in labour
  4. Pain relief
  5. Pregnancy niggles (third trimester)

Antenatal Course (Crash Course)

Crash courses are offered on request. These need to be formally booked and paid for in full before initial appointment. Please contact Belly-Up for crash course prices and securing dates. Please note crash course prices, dates and times will differ from the five weeks course.